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A sugar glider can be your new best friend! Tame gliders love to be near their owner. They will ride on your shoulder, hide in your hair, or nap happily in your pocket as you go about your daily activities.

Sugar gliders are snuggly, playful, funny friends.

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What is a Sugar Glider?

A Sugar Glider (Petaurus Breviceps) is a small Australian marsupial possum about the size of a hamster. Gliders are found in the canopy of the Australian rain forest Tasmania, Indonesia, and Papua-New Guinea. Sugar Gliders got their name because they have a preference for sweet foods and a gliding membrane similar to a flying squirrel. Currently they are on the endangered species list.

Sugar Gliders resemble the American Flying Squirrel being similar in size, shape, and action. But there are two main differences. One is the silver/gray color and other is that they are marsupials.

Sugar Gliders can be an enjoyable pet. They form a strong and lifelong bond with their owners. Sugar gliders can live 10-15 years in a healthy, captive environment.

This website is devoted to your life with a Sugar glider. Here you will find information and supplies for your glider's needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help with your glider.

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