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Treats are packaged in 8 oz. tubs unless otherwise stated (not actual weight).

Healthy treats have several benefits for pets and pet owners. Treats can add variety to an otherwise boring diet, provide exercise for teeth and jaws, and add behavioral enrichment for pets that may spend a large part of their lives in a limited environment. The best part is that treats can help form a love connection between pets and owners by assisting in bonding and training. Even though we recommend treats, they should be fed sparingly. Treats are not substitutes for a regular, balanced diet. They should be offered 2-3 times per week or as a small portion (less than 10%) of their main diet. When over fed treats, it can lead to healthy issues like obesity. If your pet is not consuming its regular balanced diet, withhold treats until stable eating habits resume.

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Acacia Gum
acacia gum

Made from the sap of acacia trees. It's a natural form of edible enrichment. Place gum in toys and wood sticks to encourage foraging behavior. Add foraging treats and bits of fruit for added interest.

1 packet Item TAC $10.00 Add To Cart 
Apricot & Cherry Cookies        

Tasty, crunchy, cookies fresh from the bakery in fruity shapes and colors pets love. Feed 1-2 treats a day to complement your pet’s regular diet.

8 oz. tub Item T139 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Apple & Oat Puff Sticks        

These sticks are an easy to feed healthy treat for small pets. Your pet will love these all natural high-fiber sticks that help to support digestive health and dental hygiene. Add them to the skewer (sold separately) for lots of long-lasting chew fun!

9 stick jar Item T68 $8.00 Add To Cart 
Banana Chips          
banana chips

Dried slices of banana, delicious, crispy and loaded with vitamin A.

8 oz. tub Item T4 $6.00 Add To Cart
Banana Nut Pop new item        
banana nut pop sugar glider treat

This banana shaped softwood chew treat is wrapped in crunchy baked banana biscuit with banana nut topping. It's a toy and treat all in one! Attached clip for hanging.

  Item T130BP $10.00 Add To Cart 
Banana Stars          
banana stars

A low sugar, low calorie treat. Delicious banana-flavored light crunchy puffs, made with simple wholesome ingredients .Excellent for reward or foraging opportunities.

8 oz. tub Item T130 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Banana Strawberry Rings new item        

These tasty treats are crunchy nuggets with delicious strawberry and banana yogurt coating. The cute ring shape makes them easier for your pet to hold.

6" x 4" bag Item T134B $6.00 Add To Cart 
Banana Yogurt Treats new item        

Your glider will love these crunchy treats covered with smooth tasty banana yogurt.

8 oz. tub Item T116 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Bee Pollen          
bee pollen

A pure form of Bee Pollen. Has all the essential amino acids and is a complete protein. Packed with vitamins A, B Complex C,D,E,K and Rutin, 28 minerals needed for good health. Enzymes and co-enzymes necessary for good digestion.

1 oz. pack Item S1 $6.00 Add To Cart
Berry Good Mix          
berry good mix

Your gliders will savor these sweet, nutritious, whole dried mixed berries. A delicious mix of dried cranberries, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

8 oz. tub Item T70 $6.00 Add To Cart 
glider biscuits

Crunchy and excellent in inhibiting excess tooth growth, highly nutritious. Many glider owners soak biscuits in apple juice before offering.

12 oz. tub Item T5 $6.00 Add To Cart 
1/2 Gallon Bag Item T5A $18.00 Add To Cart
Gallon Item T5B $30.00 Add To Cart

Dried to retain all their natural flavor, has extended shelf life to 6 months or more, and are low in fat and high in nutrition.

60 gram bag Item T6 $6.00 Add To Cart
Blueberry & Strawberry Yogurt Treat new item        
blueberry and strawberry yogurt treat for sugar gliders

Sun-cured Timothy Hay covered with a delicious fruit yogurt coating. These treats are a healthy and fun treat for your pet.

6" x 4" bag Item T119 $6.00  Add To Cart
Blueberry Yogurt Treat        
blueberry yogurt treat

These treats are a delicious blueberry fruit flavored treat your pet will beg for more.

8 oz. tub Item T112 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Blueberry Nuggets new        
bluberry nugget sugar glider treats

These tasty crunchy nuggets are dipped in a delicious blueberry coating. A healthy and fun treat for your pet.

6" x 4" bag Item T132 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Blueberry Yogurt Yummiesnew        
blueberry yogurt yummies treats for sugar gliders

These whole sunflower seeds are dipped in a creamy blueberry yogurt coating. These healthy covered blueberry treats are the perfect hand treat or foraging treat for your pet.

6"x4" bag Item T121 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Booster (Cal-C-yum)        

This supplement contains the calcium, vitamins, and minerals that are a must have for your sugar glider's healthy diet. Now comes in a convenient shaker bottle. Mix 1/3 of the container to one whole ½ gallon bag of protein pellets OR simply shake just a small amount on the top of the food each night to make sure your gliders stay healthy.

2 oz.
Shaker bottle 

Item S2 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Booster Milk          
booster milk

A powdered milk replacer that can be sprinkled over dry food for pregnant or lactating females or added to water for newborns.

8 oz. tub Item S3 $10.00 Add To Cart
Bug Blend          
bug blend

This treat combines 3 favorite insects (crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers) into one package for easy feeding. Insects are frozen, and then dried to maintain their nutritional value. A great source of protein! Over 48% protein. Sealed bottle.

1.71 oz bottle Item S5 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Butterscotch Drops          
butterscotch drops

Looking for a new treat for your friend look no further! Your glider will enjoy that classic butterscotch flavor in these bite-sized treats.

8 oz. tub Item T59 $10.00 Add To Cart 

Dried CalciWorms (black soldier fly larvae) offer your pets an all-natural calcium rich treat. They are considered the best new way to add more calcium and protein into your pets diet. Calcium and protein help support strong bones and healthy growth.

8 oz. tub Item T31 $10.00 Add To Cart 
12 oz.tub Item T31A $15.00 Add To Cart 

Delicious dried chunks with rich flavor, low calories and fat. Now cut into smaller pieces- making them easier for your pets to enjoy.

8 oz. tub Item T9 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Carob drops          
carob drops

These delicious, sweet chocolate look-alikes are very tasty yet contain no chocolate. They are made from the fruit of carob trees.

8 oz. tub Item T10 $10.00 Add To Cart
Carrot Drops new item        
carrot drops for sugar gliders

These carrot drops are made with real yogurt. It's one of mines favorite treats.

8 oz. tub Item T110 $10.00 Add To Cart 

Washed, peeled, trimmed, sliced, blanched and dried. This process preserves nutrients and natural carrot flavor.

1.5 oz. jar Item T11 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Cheese Biscuits new item        
cheese biscuits for sugar gliders

These treats are baked with real Wisconsin cheese (the only ingredient!) into mini-size crunchy nuggets. They only have 3 Calories.

8 oz. tub tem T115 6.00 Add To Cart 
Cheese Chips new item        
cheese chips for sugar gliders

These chips are a great-tasting yogurt treat that your pet simply can't refuse. Sure to become one of your pets new favorite treats.

8 oz. tub Item T109 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Cheese Crackers new item        
cheese crackers for sugar gliders

All natural healthy crackers made with wholesome real cheese and egg. Only 3 calories per treat means you can treat more often.

8 oz. tub Item T114 $6.00 Add To Cart 

Tasty fresh picked dried cherries. Low in fat and high in nutrients.

8 oz. tub Item T12 $6.00 Add To Cart
Chewable Milk          
chewable milk

A replacement milk in pellet form. Not intended as a total diet, but as a supplement for conditioning and appetite appeal. Use with a dry feed to aid in weaning or for extra energy.

8 oz. tub Item S4 $6.00 Add To Cart
Cinni Mini Drops new item        

These tiny morsels have a big taste your critter will love.

8 oz. tub Item T126 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Coconut Treats          
coconut treats

Dried coconut bits have an exotic flavor that sugar gliders crave.

2.5 oz. bag Item T14 $6.00 Add To Cart
Corn Pops          
corn pops

These are kernels of corn that are soaked in water for a few days then roasted to make them crunchy. They are known to be very nutritious because they are low cholesterol, low sugar, and all natural no sugar added. Try some for yourself.

  Item T73 $6.00  Add To Cart
Corn Wheels          
corn wheels

Made from pure sweet corn. Each pack contains 3 spools along with a metal hanger to hang in your glider's cage.

3 per bag w/hanger Item T17 $6.00 Add To Cart
cranberries Delicious dried cranberries have a distinctive taste perfect for suggies. 8 oz. tub Item T13 $6.00 Add To Cart
Cricket Crunch          
cricket crunch

Most owners prefer not to have live crickets in their home so we offer our dried Cricket Crunch Treats which are gut-loaded then frozen and dried to maintain their nutritional value, a great source of protein!

1.6 oz. jar Item T19A $10.00 Add To Cart 
Crisps Treats new item        

Natural baked crisps are colorful, right-sized, crunchy-textured bits made from real fruits and veggies. They’re highly palatable with ingredients like apple, cherry, apricot, carrot, cranberry, sweet potato and rosemary baked right inside. These fun-to-eat foraging treats are ergonomically designed to make them easy to grasp.

Bag Item #T142 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Crispy Cookies          
crispy cookies

These bakery favorites combine the flavors of real creamy Greek yogurt and deliciously healthy pumpkin granola with other tasty favorites to create a smooth yet crunchy cookie that taste as good as it smells making them the perfect healthy snack-only 8 calories per treat. Available in many flavors.

8 oz. tub
Item 101F $6.00 Add To Cart 
8 oz. tub
Item 101A $6.00 Add To Cart 
8 oz. tub
Item 101E $6.00 Add To Cart 
8 oz. tub
Item 101 $6.00 Add To Cart 
8 oz. tub
Item 101D $6.00 Add To Cart 
Mini Blueberry
8 oz. tub
Item 101G $6.00 Add To Cart 
Mini Mango
8 oz. tub
Item 101H $6.00 Add To Cart 
8 oz. tub
Item 101C $6.00 Add To Cart 
Sweet Potato & Pecan
8 oz. tub
Item 101SP $6.00 Add To Cart 
8 oz. tub
Item 101B $6.00 Add To Cart 
Crispy Snacks          

These tasty, crunchy, colorful, fruit shaped snacks are baked fresh from the bakery using apples, apricots, strawberries and bananas.

8 oz. tub Item T144 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Critter Charms          
critter charms

These delicious mixed and multiple colored and flavored yogurt drops are dried into soft and chewy treats. Easy to hold and guaranteed to charm your critters.

8 oz. tub Item 68 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Critter Cookies new item        
cookies for sugar gliders


These USDA organic and kosher treats are made by folks that love their pets so you can feel good about giving them to your pet. They come in a variety of your pet's favorite flavors.

Apple Item T113 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Banana Item T113A $6.00 Add To Cart 
Blueberry Item T113B $6.00 Add To Cart 
Coconut Item T113C $6.00 Add To Cart 
Cranberry Item T113D $6.00 Add To Cart 
Peach Item T113E $6.00 Add To Cart 
Pumpkin Item T113F $6.00 Add To Cart 
Sweet Potato Item T113G $6.00 Add To Cart 
Crunch Sticks          

Crunch sticks give your gliders 2 goodies in 1, a fun and tasty vitamin–fortified treat with crunch sticks. These ready-to-feed treats are made with an assortment of high quality grains, vegetables, peanuts and a sweet honey glaze. They are triple baked onto a natural wood stick center so it makes for a long lasting fun chew after your glider eats the treat, promoting and supporting your friend’s dental health, encouraging foraging behaviors, providing physical and mental exercise that helps prevent boredom. Available in 3 flavors. 2 stick packs.

Fruit & Honey Item #T163A $6.00 Add To Cart 
Peanut & Honey Item T163B $6.00 Add To Cart 
Wild Berry & Honey Item T163C $6.00 Add To Cart 
treats for sugar gliders

These tasty treats are a nutritionally complete treat for your critter. They are a safer choice than feeding a less-nutritious higher sugar uncertified treats. They are the perfect treats to supplement extra vitamins and minerals.

8 oz tub
Item MT4E $10.00 Add To Cart 
veggie treats for sugar gliders Veggie
8 oz tub
Item MT4F $10.00 Add To Cart 
Crunchy Carrot Cakes new        

Tasty baked treats fresh from the bakery. Crunchy carrot shaped treats made with carrots, oats and other goodies.

8 oz tub Item T137 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Donut Rings          
donut rings sugar gliders

These donuts are a delicious and colorful treat. The great taste and unique shape help to promote your pets natural foraging instinct. Your pet won't be able to resist the yogurt frosting!

6" x 4" bag Item T129DR $6.00 Add To Cart 
Dots new          

These colorful crunchy tasty fruity bits are becoming a favorite of exotic pets everywhere. Great treat for foraging toys, out of your hand or just sprinkle of top of favorite foods. Made with real fruit and ideal for sugar gliders, marmosets, prairie dogs and other fruit-eating pets.

8 oz. tub Item T131 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Drops Variety Pack          

If you can't make up your mind. Try this variety pack of tasty drops in four fresh yogurt flavors (Yogurt, Strawberry, Greens, and Banana) made with real fruit and vegetables. The 4 pack tray is fully resealable for freshness.

4 pack tray Item T117 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Eucalyptus Powder        

Eucalyptus Powder is harvested from the leaves of Eucalyptus trees, processed into a powder form and packaged to be fed as a treat and part of a balanced diet.

2 oz. bag Item T150 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Eucalyptus Sticks new item        

Sugar gliders originated from Tasmania and Australia, some of the only countries in the world where Eucalyptus is grown wild. A crunchy, vitamin-fortified stick of oats, wheat, apple and strawberry, is dipped in honey then rolled in sun-dried eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus is a healthy, natural treat for gliders that adds behavioral enrichment and instinctively reminds them of home. The aroma reminds them of the native homeland, harvested from the same trees that Sugar Gliders live in when in the wild. Net Weight 4 oz. per 2 sticks

2 sticks Item T146 $8.00 Add To Cart 
Foraging Mix          

Our foraging mix is a medley of yogurt drops, banana chips, granola, dried fruits, oats, raisins, nuts, and mealworms.
These goodies encourage your critters to actively search for food to satisfy enrichment needs.

8 oz. tub Item MT28 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Freeze Dried Chicken        

Show your pets love with a wholesome, healthy treat. Made with the same human-quality, USDA meats we consume, without added hormones or antibiotics. These treats possess the nutrition and flavor of raw meat, yet there’s no need for refrigeration. Freeze dried whole chicken necks are good for recreational chewing, providing natural teeth cleaning and foraging enrichment if hidden. It is recommended to serve one piece per pet and to keep in sealed bag, in a cool, dry, dark place.

  Item T159 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Fruit Chips          
fruit treats for sugar gliders

These Fruit Chips are a delicious treat made of real fruit. It's sweet without added sugar. Just wait until they crunch into this natural mix of bananas, pineapples, star fruit, peaches, apples, honeydew melon, and strawberries.

8 oz. tub Item T129 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Fruit Crunchies          
fruit crunchies

LIMITED SUPPLY! This tasty medley of orange, grape, and apple flavors will add variety to your primate's diet. This nutritionally balanced, certified treat compliments your enrichment program. Crunchies are an excellent source of Vitamin C.

8 oz. tub Item MT16 $8.00   Add To Cart
Fruit Kabob          
fruit kabob

Dried chunks of pineapple, mango and papaya on a metal skewer which hangs conveniently from the top of the cage. Can be reloaded with your apple, banana, etc.

1 per pack Item T21 $8.00 Add To Cart
Fruit Yogurt Drops new item        
fruit yogurt drops

Treat your pet to a delicious yogurt drop snack made with easy-to-digest yogurt.

8 oz. tub Item T108 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Glider H2O          

Vitamin enriched, gives your sugar glider a boost. A must have for healthy sugar gliders. Keep this water in cage at all times to keep your glider, marmoset or other small pet a hydrated. Simple to use just add to 1 gallon of filtered water per pack and offer in a small open dish. Not to be used in water bottle.

2 oz. bag Item T22 $10.00 Add To Cart
8 oz. bag Item T22A $15.00 Add To Cart
Grab N Go Variety Pack        
grab n go variety pack

Everything in one convenient container ready to go when you are! This pack comes with food, mealworms, yogurt and dried fruit. (Yogurt drops may be substituted with diced coconut during the hot summer months)

  Item T66 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Green Peas          
green peas

Dried naturally and very tasty contains iron and calcium.

8 oz. tub Item T23 $6.00 Add To Cart
Groovy Grasshoppers        
groovy grasshoppers

Groovy Grasshoppers Treat (40 g.) are gut-loaded dried grasshoppers that are first frozen, then freeze dried to maintain their nutritional value. A great source for protein...

  Item T75 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Gumivore Fare with mealworms        
gumivore fare with mealworms

Acacia gum based mixture with whole golden mealworms and apple. It's formulated to be fed to gum feeding mammals such as gliders and marmosets. Gliders can't resist this food that is native to their home land and part of their natural diet.

8 oz. jar Item T24 $12.00 Add To Cart  
Gumivore Fare with mixed fruit        
gumivore fare with mixed fruit

This acacia gum based food that gliders love is mixed with pineapple, papaya, apple and mango. It's a non-preservative, all natural, easy to feed gel that is easy to use.

8 oz. jar Item T24A $12.00 Add To Cart  
Herbivore Sticks new item        

These healthy whole grain treats are made with oats, nuts, sunflower kernels, wheat, fruit and added calcium & vitamins. They are triple baked for crunchiness and perfect for long lasting chew fun. These sticks are a great way to stimulate your pet’s natural urge to forage for food.

2 sticks Item T149 $8.00 Add To Cart 
Honey Sticks - Honey In a Straw!        

original honey sticks


These are standard-sized drinking straws, each containing approximately 1 tsp of orange blossom honey (the sweetest honey). These sticks are sturdy enough to bend in half without breaking. Clip the end just right, and it pops open to deliver a serving of slurpy sweetness or drizzle over food to entice your glider. No preservatives, edible for human as well.

Available in Original, Mango, Peach, Watermelon and a Variety Pack




8 sticks Original Item 73H $5.00  Add To Cart
2 sticks Orginal Item 73HA $2.00 Add To Cart 
8 sticks Mango Item 73M $5.00 Add To Cart 
2 sticks Mango Item 73MA $2.00 Add To Cart 
8 sticks Peach Item 73P $5.00 Add To Cart 
2 sticks Peach Item 73PA $2.00 Add To Cart 
8 sticks Watermelon Item 73V $5.00 Add To Cart 
2 sticks watermelon Item 73VA $2.00 Add To Cart
20 sticks
Variety Pack
Item 73VP $12.00 Add To Cart 
HPW Berry Blend
HPW with blueberry and cranberries! 100% natural, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This ready-to-serve vitamin enriched sugar glider diet with vanilla bean flavorings comes in a soft pudding-textured form. Premium ingredients like honey, blueberries, eggs, bee pollen, cranberries, Zoo Pro and acacia gum are cooked together delivering this easy, low cost, mess-free way to prepare this popular HPW diet. Amazingly simple ready-to.serve right out of the jar; no more spending mass about of money or time feeding your sugar glider. HPW can be served fresh or frozen into individual servings using ice trays. 12 oz. jar Item T61B $12.00 Add To Cart
HPW with Fruits & Veggies        
HPW with fruits and veggies
HPW with Fruits and Veggies comes ready to feed (no mixing etc.). It's all natural and contains no preservatives just honey, eggs, papaya, raisins, pineapple, peas, carrots, accia gum, bee pollen and lots other goodies.
12 oz. jar Item T61 $12.00 Add To Cart  
HPW Original Formula
HPW original

HPW Original Formula is ready to serve right out of the jar. Sugar Gliders absolutely LOVE the texture and pure vanilla bean flavor…you will love the convenience. Highest quality ingredients are blended and cooked together so you don't have to. Supports strong muscles and healthy bones with natural protein and healthy bones with natural protein and delicious flavor. Simply scoop and serve!!!!

12 oz. jar Item T63 $12.00 Add To Cart  
HPW (Instant)          
instant hpw

A powder mix that mixes with water. You can offer mixed or can be frozen into ice cubes to place over their dry pelleted diet. Includes honey, egg and original wombaroo. High in protein, supplements, bee pollen, flax seed oil and omega 6 + 3 fatty acids.

8 oz. bag Item F13 $17.00 Add To Cart
16 oz. bag Item F13A $30.00 Add To Cart
HPW (Instant) Honey Berry        

This diet has been tested and fed to gliders worldwide. It’s easier, mess-free, pre-mixed with dry ingredients that you simply blend with water. This vitamin enriched diet becomes a soft pudding-textured food when mixed. Gliders love the new delicious honey berry. Owners love the exceptional nutritional values that gliders need for proper growth and development.

8 oz. bag Item T148 $18.00  Add To Cart
16 oz. bag Item T148A $30.00 Add To Cart 
Hugs N Kisses          
hugs n kisses

A delicious mixture of yogurt, carob and peanut butter kisses. The perfect combination.

8 oz. tub Item T25 $10.00 Add To Cart
Jelly Pods          

Jelly pods are a fruit-based jelly treat. Your pets’ favorite flavors, apple juice and added calcium make these Jelly pods the ideal treat for fruit-eating pets. This is a sweet treat and should be fed sparingly. They are not a substitute for a healthy diet just a sweet treat. 8 pod packages

Item T69A $6.00 Add To Cart
Melon Item T69B $6.00 Add To Cart
Mango Item T69C $6.00 Add To Cart
Kabob Skewer new item        

Stainless steel skewer is great for serving fruits and vegetables. Encourages your pet to eat naturally off the vine by using this skewer! The large knob at the end screws on and off easily, and keeps food from slipping off skewers. Skewer prevents food waste by keeping it on the skewer so it doesn’t end up in your pets bedding causing it to be wasted. The stainless steel doesn’t grow bacteria or absorb odors, will never rust, is easy to clean and prevents bacteria contamination. All components sterilize safely in a dishwasher, Hang from wire cage with heavy-duty clip (included) 9” long (12” including hanger and knob) x 4 mm $8.00 skewer only $15.00 loaded with fruit.

Skewer only Item T145 $8.00 Add To Cart 
Loaded with fruit Item T145A $15.00 Add To Cart 
Kiwi Diced Treats          
kiwi fruit

Diced Kiwi has a delicious, sweet, and slightly tangy taste. Tropical fiber-packed dried kiwi now diced so it’s easier for little hands to grip.

8 oz. tub Item T27 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Love Bugs          
love bugs

(Bugs-N-Berries) Two favorites packed full of freeze dried insects and berries. Can be fed alone or mixed with other foods.

8 oz. jar Item MT22 $10.00 Add To Cart
Mango Treats          
mango treats

Sun dried and diced for your convenience. Your sugar gliders will love this sweet delicious tropical treat. A flavor gliders crave!

8 oz. tub Item T28 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Mango Yogurt Treats new item        

Crunchy nuggets dipped in smooth delicious fruity yogurt. Mango yogurt treats are a healthy and fun treat for your pet.

8 oz. tub Item T141 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Manna Pro          
manna pro

25 % protein, 20,000 units of vitamin A, and 5,000 units of vitamin D per pound plus other vitamins and minerals for sound nutrition. Very economical. Just add 5-10 % to their daily diet.

8 oz. tub Item T29 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Maple Cookies          
oat maple cookies for sugar gliders

Feed your pet the same quality that you would eat. These yogurt dipped treats offer human-grade treats with 100% human-grade ingredients.

8 oz. tub Item T123 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Meal Worms          
meal worms

These mealworms offer nutrition your sugar gliders require. Live mealworms are frozen and then freeze-dried to maintain their nutritional value. A great source of protein. Easy to feed without the mess and expense of feeding live insects. Plus no refrigeration necessary.

8 oz. tub Item T30 $10.00 Add To Cart 
16 oz. tub Item T30A $15.00 Add To Cart 
Mellow Puffs          
mellow puffs

These tiny marshmallow bits fit perfectly in your critter's hands.

8 oz. tub Item 69 $6.00 Add To Cart
Milk & Honey Yogurt        
milk honey yogurt for sugar gliders

These popular tidbits contain milk and honey and no artificial coloring.

8 oz. tub Item T124 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Mini Mints new item        
mints for sugar gliders

Your pet will love the taste of these small mint morsels. They are the perfect size for their mini hands.

8 oz. tub Item T127 $10.00 Add To Cart 

Your sugar glider will thrive with our nectar supplement added to their diet. It not only provides the nutrients and carbohydrates required to support their high metabolism, but tastes great too!

8 oz. container Item S7 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Nutty Buddies          

Natural nut flavor and shapes add variety to your sugar glider's diet.

8 oz. tub Item T32 $6.00 Add To Cart
1/2 gallon Item T32A $18.00 Add To Cart 
Gallon Item T32B $30.00 Add To Cart 
Nutty O's          
nutty os

A mixture of almonds, cashews, peanuts, raisins, soybeans and O's. Gliders just can't resist these treats.

8 oz. tub Item T33 $6.00 Add To Cart
Orange Drops new item        
orange drops for sugar gliders

This popular treat contains real Orange and vitamin C to support your pet's well-being.

8 oz. tub Item T110A $10.00 Add To Cart 
Papaya Treats          
papaya treats

Dried to perfection and diced to make it easier to feed. Deliciously nutritious, lots of calcium and a texture sugar gliders love.

8 oz. tub Item T34 $6.00 Add To Cart
Papaya & Mango Treats new item        
papayo mango treats for sugar gliders

These treats are a blend of real fruit pieces and creamy yogurt coating for a unique taste and texture! These dipped treats are a wholesome, healthy way to give your pet a special treat.

Bag Item T120 $6.00 Add To Cart 
PB & J Trail Mix new item        

Your pet's taste buds will experience a delicious explosion of flavors like unsalted peanuts, baby dried strawberries, and juicy raisins.

8 oz. tub Item T128 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Pea & Carrot Snacks        

Tasty nutritious treats made with natural ingredients, real vegetables and a crunchy texture that pets love.

8 oz. tub Item T160 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Peanut Butter Drops        
peanut butter drops

Pamper your glider with these peanut butter drops. They love the flavor.

8 oz. tub Item T36 $10.00 Add To Cart
Peanuts in a Shell          
peanuts in a shell

Peanuts are a very healthy natural treat. They are sold as nature made them, raw and in the shell.

12 oz. tub Item MT38 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Pineapple Treats          
pineapple treats

Diced tasty dried pineapple just what your sugar glider ordered.

8 oz. tub Item T37 $6.00 Add To Cart
Pumpkin Seeds        
pumpkin seeds

Gliders love these real pumpkin seeds the perfect healthy treat.

8 oz. tub Item T39 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Pumpkin Spice Cookies new item        
pumpkin spice cookies for sugar gliders

These oven baked yogurt dipped "cookies" are deliciously crunchy.

8 oz. tub Item T122 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Rainbow Softies          
rainbow softies

These rainbow colored bits have a sweet soft chewy texture that your critter will love.

8 oz. tub Item T72 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Raisin & Carrot Cookies new item        

Delicious crunchy cookies. The crispy orange cookies are made with carrots while the reddish cookies are baked with raisins. See which one is your tiny friend’s favorite.

8 oz. tub Item T135 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Salads To Go          

Our freeze dried salads with egg shell calcium are a quick and convenient way to provide your sugar glider a variety of desirable vegetable and fruits they like. These freeze-dried ingredients were specifically designed for your sugar gliders, with natural and human grade foods. No additives or artificial flavorings. Simply add water, rehydrate and feed. It’s a great way to have food for your gliders when you are on the go or don’t want to shop, chop and freeze. These freeze dried foods have a shelf life unopened for up to 25 years. Show your glider some love.

Avaiable in small, medium and large sizes and in flavors Harvest Blend, Tropical Blend, Kiwi Salad and Mushroom Salad. Ingredients are listed with each order option.

Harvest Blend:
Ingredients include Squash, Apples, Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Grapes, Spinach, Peas, Corn, Pears, Kale, Pumpkin, Carrots and Egg Shell Calcium.
Item F20A
$6.00  Add To Cart
Item F20B
$11.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20C
$18.00 Add To Cart 

Tropical Blend:
Ingredients include Cucumbers, Sweet Potato, Peas, Banana, Sweet Peppers, Broccoli, Papaya, Kale, Mango and Egg Shell Calcium.
Item F20D
$6.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20E
$11.00  Add To Cart
Item F20F
$18.00  Add To Cart

Kiwi Salad: Ingredients include Kiwi, Green Beans, Blackberries, Broccoli, Apples, Carrots, Raspberries, Sweet Peppers, Papaya and Egg Shell Calcium
Item F20G
$6.00  Add To Cart
Item F20H
$11.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20I
$18.00 Add To Cart 

Mushroom Salad: Ingredients include Mushrooms, Carrots, Raspberries, Apples, Sweet Peppers, Blackberries, Broccoli, Green
Beans and Egg Shell Calcium
Item F20J
$6.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20K
$11.00 Add To Cart 
Item F20L
$18.00 Add To Cart 

Who doesn't love the taste of S'mores ! Share this delicious S'mores mix with your pets and they will start asking for S'more. Made with carob drops (not chocolate), honey grams squares and mellow puffs.

8 oz. tub Item T133 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Snak Attack          
snak attack

A healthy mix of cherries, apple chips, strawberries, dates, apriocots, coconut chips, papaya, pineapple, raisins, banana chips, and nuts.

8 oz. tub Item T65 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Soybean Supreme          
soybean supreme

Healthy favorites like roasted soy nuts, cranberries, papaya, raisins, pepitas, nuts and more blended together in one delicious tubs.

8 oz. tub Item T41 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Sprinkles new item        
sprinkles for sugar gliders

This is a high protein high energy top-dressing for your critter. Sprinkles are a powder form of whole dried chicken, egg, honey, and sweet potato flour. They are great for that extra boost and for palatability issues.

Packet Item T105 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Strawberry Drops new item        
strawberry drops for sugar gliders

These are a delicious fruity yogurt treat your pet will crave.

8 oz. tub Item T111 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Strawberry Yogurt Dipped Raisins        
strawberry yogurt dipped raisins

Plump juicy raisins covered with delicious strawberry yogurt.

8 oz. tub Item T42 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Strawberry Yogurt Treats        
strawberry treats

These treats are a delicious strawberry fruit flavored treat your pet will beg for more.

8 oz. tub Item T134 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Sugar Beets          
sugar beets

These treats are loaded with vitamins & minerals. They are made with real sugar beets. Easy to hold 1 inch long beet nuggets that provide good exercise for teeth and jaws.

8 oz. tub Item T71 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Sugar Cane Sticks          
sugar cane sticks

Pure natural sugar cane sticks, harvested from the sugar cane plant. Approximately 8 sticks about 4.5 inches long.

8 pack Item T43 $8.00  Add To Cart
Sunflower Seeds (unsalted)        
sunflower seeds

A glider favorite these tasty sunflower seeds are unsalted of course.

8 oz. tub Item T44 $6.00 Add To Cart
1/2 gallon bag Item T44A $18.00 Add To Cart
Gallon Item T44B $30.00 Add To Cart
Sweet Sticks new item        

Sweet crunchy sticks baked with apples, sweet corn and other favorite goodies.

8 oz. tub Item T136 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Sweet Tater Pies          
sweet tater pies

These sweet potato drops are delicious tasting treats. They make a refreshingly wholesome snack.

8 oz. tub Item T107 $10.00 Add To Cart 

Delicious heart shaped treats. The red hearts are made with strawberries. The yellow hearts are baked with bananas and the orange treats are made with apricots.

8 oz. tub Item T138 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Tasty Sticks        

Delicious treats made for our little friends with big personalities. These tasty sticks are easy for little hands to handle.

8 oz. tub Item T140 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Trail Mix          
trail mix

A mix of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pineapple, nuts, trix, papaya, raisins, etc.

8 oz. tub Item T45 $6.00 Add To Cart

Five fruit flavors, colors and shapes and loaded with fruit flavor and the essential nutrients your sugar glider needs.

8 oz. tub Item T46 $6.00 Add To Cart
1/2 gallon bag Item T46A $18.00 Add To Cart 
Gallon Item T46B $30.00 Add To Cart 
Tropical Blend          
island blend Small diced cubes of real fruit like papaya, coconut, mango and pineapple. These colorful and tasty cubes are the perfect size for little hands. 2.5 oz. bag Item T26 $10.00 Add To Cart 
8 oz. bag Item T26A $15.00 Add To Cart 
Tropical Fruit Snak Pak        
tropical fruit

Four of your gliders favorite fruit snacks includes dried papaya, kiwi, mango, and pineapple.

4 flavors Item T47 $20.00 Add To Cart
Tropical Fruit Treat          
tropical fruit treat for sugar gliders

It's a blend of delicious dried tropical fruits (dried papaya, pineapple banana and mango) and crunchy nuggets with a smooth, creamy, fruit flavored yogurt coating.

6"x4" bag Item T118 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Tropical Trio        
tropical trio

Tropical Trio is a combination of our most popular treats. Papaya, coconut and pineapple.

8 oz. bag Item T58 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Veggie Chips          
veggie chips

Our veggie chips have the taste and crunch that pets love, are naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals. We have now added green and snap peas for even more flavor, texture and variety.

8 oz. tub Item T48 $6.00 Add To Cart
Veggie Crunchies          
veggie crunchies

LIMITED SUPPLY! A medley of sweet potatoes, spinach and tomato flavors. They are naturally flavored with whole vegetable powder. Crunchies are less labor intensive and more sanitary than vegetables.

8 oz. tub Item MT51 $8.00  Add To Cart 
Veggie Jungle          
veggie jungle treats for sugar gliders

All natural, crunchy vegetable treat. This medley of dehydrated sliced carrots, puffed peas and whole kernel corn is less labor intensive and more sanitary than perishable vegetables.

8 oz. tub Item MT49 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Veggie Stix new item        

These gourmet natural treats are an assortment of fun, health, natural snack mixes that supplement your pet’s regular diet. Veggie Stix are a unique treat of cooked vegetables and grains. Your furry pet will delight in this crunchy healthy treat that encourages foraging and is high in fiber!

8 oz. tub Item T143 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Veggie Vittles          
veggie vittles

Healthy and balanced nutrition with natural carrot flavor and veggie shapes your sugar glider will love.

8 oz. tub Item T49 $6.00 Add To Cart
1/2 gallon Item T49A $18.00 Add To Cart 
Gallon Item T49B $30.00 Add To Cart 
Wax Worm Snacks        
wax worm snacks

Dried wax worms approximately 300 per package 28 grams.

20 gram bag Item T50 $6.00 Add To Cart
Wildberry Yogurt Drops
wildberry yogurt drops

A wholesome natural berry flavored treat with healthy yogurt and Vitamin C added. Excellent appetite stimulant.

8 oz. tub Item 67 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Yellow & Green Pea Flakes        

They are a healthy all natural vegetable treat for small pets. They make a great vitamin packed supplementary food, and can be offered as a treat or mixed into your pet’s food. These flakes are easy to digest since the pea texture is broken down during the flattening process. They contain vital mineral and amino acids.

  Item T70 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Yogurt Drops          
yogurt drops

A great way to pamper and spoil your pet. Sugar glides love them. One of our most popular treats.

8 oz. tub Item T51A $10.00 Add To Cart
16 oz. tub Item T51B $15.00 Add To Cart
Yogurt Kisses          

These sweet homemade treats are made by Miss Jenny with TLC. Kisses are made with the finest ingredients in her kitchen just for you and your pets to enjoy. About 200 treats per 4.5 oz. tub. Available in many flavors.

Apple Kisses Item T71A $6.00 Add To Cart
  Blueberry Kisses Item T71B $6.00 Add To Cart
  Cotton Candy Kisses Item T71C $6.00 Add To Cart
  Grape Kisses Item T71D $6.00 Add To Cart
  Green Apple Kisses Item T71E $6.00 Add To Cart
  Lemon Kisses Item T71F $6.00 Add To Cart
  Melon Kisses Item T71G $6.00 Add To Cart
  Orange Kisses Item T71H $6.00 Add To Cart 
  Pineapple Kisses Item T71I $6.00 Add To Cart
  Raspberry Kisses Item T71J $6.00 Add To Cart
Yogurt Raisins          
yogurt raisins

Juicy raisins coated in delicious yogurt for a great treat.

8 oz. tub Item T55 $10.00 Add To Cart
Yogurt Snax          
yogurt snax

These snacks are fun-filled treats with luscious raisins, pineapple, fiber-rich timothy hay, and crunchy nuts on the inside with a creamy rich yogurt coating on the outside. They're colorful fun and irresistible.

8 oz. tub Item MT59 $10.00 Add To Cart  
Yogurt Twists          
yogurt for sugar gliders

Looking for a crunchy treat-try these crunchy pretzels dipped in a fruity pastel-colored yogurt coating. Delicious flavors include blueberry, raspberry, key lime, strawberry and plain yogurt.

8 oz. tub Item T125 $6.00 Add To Cart 
Yogurt Variety Pack        
yogurt variet pack

Gliders love their yoggies. Pack includes peanut butter kisses, yogurt drops, carob drops and mint yogurt drops.

4 flavors Item T56 $20.00 Add To Cart 

These tasty treats are sunflower hearts covered with a colorful sweet outer shell. Great tasting and training treat for your glider. Offer daily 2-3 pieces as a snack or treat. Refrigerate for extended freshness.

 3.5 oz. bag Item T57 $6.00 Add To Cart
Yummy Balls          

Yummy Balls provide a crunchy fun-to-eat healthy treat option that pets love snacking on. They are made with nuts, dried fruits & veggies, seeds and a touch of honey. All packed into a perfect size to offer by hand.

8 oz. tub Item T67 $6.00  Add To Cart



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