Please call 615-631-9819 or email to speak with a
Sugar Gliders "R" Us Representative about the variety of sugar gliders available.

standard grey sugar glider   Standard Grey

This glider is a medium to dark grey with black markings and back stripe, a white underbelly, and black dots, dashes, or bars on the fingers and/or toes, often near the tips or over the knuckles. We have these sweet babies available at $250. Call for pricing and availability.
white face blonde sugar glider   White Face/White Face Blonde

WF & WFB gliders may have a whiter face than that of standard glider colors and the black ear bar will not be visible below the gliders ears. These babies are available for $350.
mosiac variations sugar gliders  

Mosaic Variations

Mosaic variations are gliders that have any form of white on them that is not normally present. They can have minimal markings such as white hands and feet, to almost pure white. These babies vary in price so call for pricing and availability.

leucistic black eyed white sugar glider   Leucistic (Black Eyed White)

A glider that is all white but does not have the albino's red eye color and instead has normal dark brown to black eye color. These babies vary in price so call for pricing and availability.

We also have some of the other color variations such as creminos, black beauties, cinnamon, white tip,
and platinum on occasion. Please call for availability and price.


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