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We also carry Other Pets! Hedgehogs and Prairie Dogs. (See below)

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Representative about our other exotic pets and marmoset monkeys for sale.

hedgehog   We have several color variations, sex and ages available for purchase at $150.00-$200.00. We also have food, cages, treats, wheels, and bedding available. Please call to place your orders for any of these products.

Hedgehogs are very unique exotic pets that live 6-8 years. They originate from North Africa, Morocco, Libya, Spain, Southern France and several island groups north of Africa. Adults weigh around 1 pound and are 4 to 6 inches in length. They are basically nocturnal animals that have gained popularity as exotic pets because of their small size and ease of care. Hedgehogs belong to the taxonomic order Insectivora and have an extremely high metabolic rate. In the wild, hedgehogs consume a variety of insects, worms, small vertebrates, small roots, and plant matter. In captivity, the staple of their diet can be high quality commercial food which we can that can be ordered from us. Feeding pans should be low, flat and stable. Small amounts of fresh food should be available at all times. Water bottles work extremely well for a water source. Hedgehogs do not require sophisticated housing. We have cages available for purchase that works perfect for them. Untreated wood shavings or aspen bedding can be used but should be changed frequently. They also need something in their cages to make them feel safe and secure. Our hedgehogs love igloos which we have available. The ideal temperature ranges from 70-90 degrees. Hedgehogs tend to hibernate if the temperature drops below 65. In the wild, hedgehogs hibernate from November to March. An untamed hedgehog is very shy and will roll up and spike out his spines defensively. However, frequent handling will allow the hedgehog to gain trust and develop into a loveable pet.
prairie dogs   We have several of the black-tail variety of prairie dogs available at $175.00. We have food, cages, and bedding available. Please call Kathy at 615-631-9819 to place your order for any of these products.

A prairie dog is a variety of ground squirrel. They are diurnal meaning it is active during the day light hours. Prairie dogs are very social animals. They are very loyal and expressive. Prairie dogs are very hardy and healthy and can live up to 12 years in captivity. Prairie dogs feed on hay (alfalfa hay only as a treat), fresh fruits, vegetables, and Prairie Dog Chow which we have available for purchase. Our prairie dogs love fresh corn on the cob, collard greens, carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes. Try to offer a variety of items since all prairie dogs do not have the same preferences. A good treat for prairie dogs teeth is dry corn on the cob, beef bones, or dried pig ears. A prairie dog should not weigh over 4 pounds. Prairie dogs love to eat but it's not healthy for them to be overfed. Provide fresh water in a water bottle. A multi- level cage works best for them which we offer on our website. The cage tray bottom can be filled with pine or aspen bedding. Hay and bedding material should be added to provide them with a nesting material. When you first bring your prairie dog home, hold it even if it protest. Prairie dogs must be taught at a young age that you are the boss You must not give an inch with them while they are pups. Once a prairie dog has bonded with you it will love you like its own family. Prairie dogs have variety of vocal signals and body language which you must learn to recognize and respect.

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