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Monkeys love to sleep in warm, cozy, quite, dark places. Like these pouches. These soft fleece/flannel pouches give your monkeys a soft safe place to curl up to sleep, soak up the rays from their UBV light or hang out and watch you. Having the proper place to sleep and rest helps reduce stress levels plus increased the quality of sleep your friend gets while optimizing their health. Fabrics and prints vary. Most pouches come in large and small. We recommend the small size for babies/young monkeys. The large is better for an adult. Pouches come with all the necessary hooks to attach to cage. Always check your pouches for holes, wear, tears, or lose threads. Replace as needed. Pouches are machine washable inside out with cold water. Allow to air dry.

Backpack Pouch
backpack pouch

This perfect stylish travel bag clips to your belt loops or zipper. Double windows on the front and back. Double zipper closure. 7 inches tall 6 inches wide 5 inch front and back. Can clip directly onto your belt loop or to the adjustable nylon carry strap. Now comes in 2 sizes!

regular size 5” wide X 5” tall Item BP1 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Large size 5” long X 6” wide X 7” tall Item BP1L $25.00 Add To Cart 
Banana Hammock        

This large banana hammock pouch serves double duty as a hammock and as a napping sack. As you can imagine, your pet will go bananas when you place it in their cage. Made of soft, easy to clean fleece and easily clips to the cage. Your critter is sure to find this hammock appealing. 21.5" long, and 9" wide.

  Item CP10 $25.00 Add To Cart 
Banana Sleeping Pouch          

Your critter will "GO BANANAS" over this cute designed pouch made of soft banana yellow fabric that stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Hangs easily from top of side of most cages with heavy duty clips (included). Measures about 15" x 6" so that small marmosets or other small animals will fit.

  Item BP8 $15.00 Add To Cart 
Basket Pouch          
monkey baskets

Ideal for Marmosets. This pouch is made of double lined polar fleece material and has a ridged (solid) bottom. Hangs from the roof of your cage with two very heavy chrome hooks. Size - 12 inches tall x 6 inches wide.

  Item MBP $20.00 Add To Cart 
Bonding Pouches        
bonding pouch with zipper

Warm & cozy ... Bonding pouches for your pet to cuddle up in! Your critter will love to hide away in a secure dark area like in these pouches! Fabrics and prints vary Always check your pouches for holes, wear or lose threads. Replace as needed. Most pouches are machine washable (inside out, delicate cycle).If you have a preference as to print/solid boy/girl male/female. Please make your request in the comments box and we will try to honor your request if possible.

Bonding Pouch with zipper Item BP2 $15.00  Add To Cart
X Large Double Fleece Bonding Pouch XLarge Double Fleece Item BP2A $25.00 Add To Cart 
Bonding Scarf Pouch        

This scarf pouch is the most stylish and pet friendly accessory you can wear. Your glider, marmoset, or other small pet can snuggle up inside and be on the go with you. Its durable construction helps ensure their safety comfort, and security. The 3 small discrete air holes on the sides allow for ample air flow while the convenient zipper closure provides complete access to your pet. Spacious design can comfortably hold 1-5 gliders or other small sized pets.

    $20.00 Add To Cart 
Cage Tunnel          
cage tunnel

The perfect place to give your marmoset a way to play hide and seek. It gives them a spot to snuggle up.

Small Item MCP26 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Large Item MCP26A $15.00 Add To Cart 
Cage Vine          

This fleece vine is great exercise. It is made of solids and prints that complement each other. Can be left hanging down or hooked from side to side.

Small Item MCP27 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Large Item MCP27A $12.00  Add To Cart
Corner Hammock          

Gives your marmoset a new place to explore. Hang this hammock in the corner of the cage with 3 hooks. The hammock has 2 layers the bottom layer is solid while the top layer is a matching print. It is fringed on the front.

Small Item MCP13 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Large Item MCP13A $12.00 Add To Cart 
This unique cube has a round opening so that your marmoset can easily go in and out. Allows you to see your marmoset activities. Large enough for 1 or more monkeys. If you are trying to decide which size to purchase we recommend that baby marmosets fit in a small comfortably. A medium would be great for just one adult marmoset. The Large is perfect for a pair.
Item MCP15 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Item MCP15A $25.00 Add To Cart 
Item MCP15B $30.00 Add To Cart 
Critter Cave          

This comfy cave is made of warm soft polar fleece. It gives your pet a quiet, dark, warm, safe place to sleep or nap. Helps reduce stress levels and increases the quality of sleep your pet gets, all while optimizing their health. Easily hangs from the side or top of any wire cage with chain and hook provided.

Small size is 11” tall X 4” wide X 3 “ diameter opening (including chain)
Large size is 13” tall X 6” wide X 4” diameter opening (including chain)

Small Item CP14 $12.00 Add To Cart 
Large Item CP14A $18.00 Add To Cart 
Deluxe Pocket Pouch        

This pouch is made with double-layered super soft polar fleece material with pet-safe hidden seams to prevent nail snagging. The pouch provides a comfortable cozy nest for your glider. Comes with two durable nylon straps and chew-proof, metal clasps for hanging. Spacious design can comfortably sleep 1-4 gliders Approximately 7 inches wide X 8 inches tall

  Item CP34 $16.00 Add To Cart 
Fanny Pack          
fanny pack

The Fanny Pack allows you to easily bring your monkey with you! The soft fleece material and safe wire mesh window keeps your monkey comfortable, and the secure zipper-top keeps them from easily escaping. Comfortably fits 1-2 monkeys. Adjustable strap will fit 20"-46" waistline.

  Item BP4 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Hammock Pouch          

Cool 2-in-1 hammock-style pouch with two pockets for play or sleep. This pouch can be faced upwards to provide a cozy hideaway or downwards as a hanging hammock. It is made with double-layered polar fleece material and pet-safe hidden seams which helps to prevent nail snagging. The pouch is ideal for sugar gliders, marmoset and other small pets.

  Item CP35 $20.00 Add To Cart

A circular cradle with cozy comfort for your critters. They fit inside cage, on a shelf or hanging. Soft fleece is fuzzy and totally washable. Foam-free filling is safe for your pets. Hanging design keeps pets clean and comfortable. These beds are great places to hide, sleep and play. They promote a sense of safety and security. Perfect for gliders, marmosets and other small pets.

  Item CP17 $15.00 Add To Cart

This cozy animal print hammock is soft and comfy. It features nylon straps with clips for easy attachment and expands their living space. Works great for gliders, marmosets and other pets.

Small Item CP18 $12.00 Add To Cart
Large Item CP18A $15.00 Add To Cart

A wild critter camp out sleeper for your pet. This cozy animal print tent is soft and cozy. It features nylon straps with clips that attach easily to your cage. This fun tent design gives your pet a place to play and hide and expands their living space. Perfect for marmosets, sugar gliders and other small pets. 9"wide 12" deep 10" high

  Item CP19 $15.00 Add To Cart 

This soft fleece animal print tunnel features nylon straps with clips for easy attachment. The tunnel provides your pet with a fun place to play and rest. 5" wide 17" deep 6" high

  Item CP20 $15.00 Add To Cart
Hanging Log          
hanging log

A super soft safe place for babies to call home. This log lets your baby feel warm, cozy and secure on the inside of the log. Sturdy clips attach it firmly to the cage.

Small Item MHLS $15.00 Add To Cart 
Heart Carry Pouch        
heart carry pouch

We know you love your babies. Now let everyone know how you feel about them by carrying them in this red heart shaped bonding pouch made of breathable polar fleece material with heavy-duty zipper closure for their safety. The heart shaped peek-a-boo allows for you to see in and your pet to see out. It's hand-sewn, 100% washable, and measures 8" x6". Designed for sugar gliders, baby marmosets, and other small mammals.

  Item BP7 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Jungle Hide Out          

This super soft hide out is made of fluffy fleece that provides a warm place for your furry friend to sleep or hide out. SIZE: 6" length x 4" height Hole opening: 4"

  Item MJHOP $25.00 Add To Cart
Jungle Theme Pouch Set          

This pouch set turns the cage into a jungle paradise. The fleece set is made of greens and browns. It includes 2 pouches (1 single layered pouch, 1 double layered pouch) 2 blankets, vine, toy and a hanging hammock and log that have green leaves and hangs from green chain. The log has a cute little hole that monkeys love to go in and out of. Your monkey will feel right at home in this jungle set!

Small (for baby starter cage set) Item MPS3 $50.00 Add To Cart 
Large (for adult
large cage set)
Item MPS3A $60.00 Add To Cart 
Jungle Tunnel          
jungle tunnel pouch

This fun and cozy tunnel has an extra fuzzy inside that keeps your fur baby warm and safe. It promotes an active lifestyle. It attaches with 2 clasp hooks (included) so that it fits any wire cage. Comes with leaves to make it look more real. SIZE: 6" length x 4" height Hole opening: 4"

  Item MJTP $20.00  Add To Cart
Monkey Bunker        
monkey bunker

This 3 tier pouch offers a unique look in your monkey's cage. Gives your monkey different layers to hide in. Great for one or more. A baby monkey will fit comfortably in a small bunker. The large bunker is perfect for adult monkeys.

Small Item MPB $25.00 Add To Cart 
Large Item MPB1 $35.00 Add To Cart 
Monkey Hammock          

Your gliders or marmoset will love to nestle, nap and play in this interactive fun loving hanging monkey hammock pouch. With enough room for 2 or more gliders or marmosets. This monkey is guaranteed to become one of your favorite "monkeys". Clips easily to cage. 22" high, 15 " wide, 10" deep

  Item CP23 $30.00 Add To Cart
Monkey Pouch Set          
monkey pouch set

Set includes Hanging Parachute pouch, square pouch, two blankets, vine, hammock, monkey bunker and toy. Matching pieces of monkey print fleece help make your baby's cage look awesome

Baby Starter
Cage Set
Item MPS5 $65.00 Add To Cart 
Adult Large
Cage Set
Item MPS6 $75.00 Add To Cart 
Parachute Pouch          

Connects to roof of cage with a single clip. With 4 entry points for your pet.

  Item CP4 $15.00 Add To Cart 
Peek-a-Boo Pouch          
peek a boo pouch

Triangular hideaway nest which hangs in the cage with a hook.

  Item CP5 $10.00 Add To Cart
Round Sleeping Pouch        

Cozy round pouch perfect for your baby to curl up and sleep. It’s made of soft monkey print fleece. Double layered for extra comfort. (Monkey not included)

Small Item CP8 $15.00 Add To Cart 
Large Item CP8A $20.00 Add To Cart 
Safari Sleeper          
safari sleeper

Critters can't wait to curl up in the comfort of the Safari Sleeper Bed. These fuzz-e-beds provide your pet with a cozy comfortable resting spot. These washable beds feature a water proof padded bottom and come with a strong connector strap that secures the bed into position. Available in small medium and large. Pick the size just right for your pet. A baby marmoset fits perfectly in a small sleeper. The medium is a good size for one marmoset. Large is suitable for a pair of marmosets or more.

Small Item MCP24 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Medium Item # MCP24A $15.00 Add To Cart 
Large Item MCP24B $20.00 Add To Cart 
Snuggle Pouch          

Cup shaped double layered pouch. Soft and warm polar fleece material. Hangs from the side or roof of the cage with hook provided.

  Item CP6 $12.00 Add To Cart 
Square Sleeping Pouch        
square pouch

The square pocket pouch attaches with 2 hooks to side of cage.

Small Item CP7 $10.00 Add To Cart
Large Item CP7A $15.00 Add To Cart
Strawberry Sleeping Pouch new        
sleeping pouch

This fun extra strawberry pouch is made of super warm polar fleece fabric with an easy-access opening. Easily hangs from top or side of cage with heavy duty clips (included). Made for sugar gliders, marmosets and other small pets that want a safe, warm, dark place to sleep or nap. Measures around 10" tall x 7.5" wide so it is suitable for 1 or more sugar gliders or small marmoset.

  Item BP6 $15.00 Add To Cart 
Tee Pee Pouch          
tee pee pouch

This tee-pee looking pouch is round on the bottom, ties and hangs at the top.

Small Item CP9 $10.00 Add To Cart
Large Item CP9A $15.00 Add To Cart
Travel Carrier Bag new        
travel carrier bag

This carrier bag provides easy transport for your small pet. It's durable construction helps ensure your pet's comfort, safety, and security. It includes a hard base for solid support, a nylon adjustable strap-that is comfortable and strong, plus a wipeable interior base making it easy to clean. The mess window on top of the bag allows for ample air flow and lets you see your pet at all times while the convenient double zipper closures on each end provide complete access to your pet. Best of all it's hand-sewn with inside seams. Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth or machine wash as needed. Perfect for sugar gliders, hedgehogs, small marmosets and other small pets. Measures approx. 12"long x 8"wide x 5.5"tall

  Item BP5 $25.00 Add To Cart