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Starter Cage
starter cage

This is a great starter cage for your baby marmoset . Dimensions are 24"X 16" X 16" H. Item #500 Available in white or black with white or black stands

Black Item 500B


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Starter Kit          
monkey starter kit

Starter cage, Monkey Formula, Monkey cereal, Vitamin D3, bottles for feeding, silicone nipple (if needed), bottle for mixing formula, marmoset protein powder , water bottle, cozy blanket, cozy sleeping pouch, stuffie for cuddling, and a harness to keep them safe.

Black Item 500BSK


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Travel Cage        
monkey travel cage

This cage works well for baby marmosets overnight or small road trips. Includes a 2 feed cups, 2 perches and a pull out tray.
15 ½ x 12 ½ x 13 tall

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Powder Coated Cage          
powder coated cage

Top selling cage! Double front doors with individual locks. Two (side doors) each 5 inches x 5 inches, for easy access. Ideal ½ inch bar spacing. Wire greade over removable heavy gauge plastic tray. Stand has wire shellf and casters. Comes with two doulbe feed dishes and wooden climinbing perches. Poweder coated with highly durabe hammered metal finish. Removeable tray and removalbe wire bottom. Built to last the lifetime of your gliders or marmosets. This is a high quality cage. 36 inches hight x 22 inches deep x 33 inches wide Total height with stand is 63 inches (Customer will need to call for estimated shipping charge)

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3 Level Cage          
3 level cage

Beautiful well made cage suitable for Sugar Gliders, Marmosets, Ferrets, Prairie Dogs, Chinchillas & other small Mammals. Overall height is 60 inches (including stand). Cage alone (without stand height)is 35 inches high x 32 inches wide x 21 inches deep. Bar spacing is 1/2 inch. Cage separates from stand. Heavy casters to roll cage. Very heavy duty & well made. Shelf under stand to store supplies. Two front doors (one on bottom floor & one on top floor). Pull-out tray with removable wire grate above the tray. 4 locking Feeding stations, two ramps, two solid floors in center of cage with opening for pet to access different levels. Steel locks on each of the two doors. Cage & Stand weight 84 lbs. (Customer will need to call for estimated shipping charge)

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Deluxe Powder Coated Cage          
deluxe powder coated cage

This large sturdy deluxe powder coated cage is ideal for Sugar gliders, Marmosets and other small mammals. The Deluxe powder coated cage measures 52 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 21 inches deep, and that's without the stand which comes included with this cage. When you add the height of the stand - which has a shelf to store your pet accessories, the entire cage & stand measures 67.5 inches tall. Tube-Frame construction. The bar spacing is 1/2 inch wide and the wire is finished in a professional powder coat animal safe finish. This is not a bird cage (with lots of small front doors for feed dishes that you have to tie-down to prevent escape). The front panel of the cage has two large front doors 10.5 x 22 inches each. There are also 2 small doors on each side of the cage for easy access. This cage comes complete with 3 removable shelves and 3 removable ladders.included are 2 double feed dishes and 3 removable wood climbing bars. The stand is on heavy rolling wheels, so moving it around is easy. The bottom grill (which is over the pull-out tray) also pulls out ... making cleaning and placement of oversized toys and branches easy. A pull out plastic tray for easy cleaning is also included. Cage is removable from the stand and can lock-onto the stand for security. Two giant doors (with tube-frame construction)in the front for easy access to your pet. (Customer will need to call for estimated shipping charge)

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