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These health aids will help to keep your glider clean and safe. As a responsible pet owner these will help you be prepared
in case of an emergency. So it's a good idea to keep them on hand just in case.

Bitter Apple          
bitter apple

Powerful detergent which has been around since the 60's. Discourages sugar gliders from fur biting, hair chewing, biting each other or their human friends.

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4 oz. bottle Item H2 $10.00 Add To Cart
8 oz. bottle Item H2A $15.00 Add To Cart 
Blue Magic        

Lightly mist a tissue with Blue Magic then dab it on minor cuts or abrasions. Works by controlling bacteria.

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Booster (Cal-C-yum)          

This supplement contains the calcium, vitamins, and minerals that are a must have for your sugar glider's healthy diet. Now comes in a convenient shaker bottle. Mix 1/3 of the container to one whole ½ gallon bag of protein pellets OR simply shake just a small amount on the top of the food each night to make sure your gliders stay healthy.

2 oz.
Shaker bottle 

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Dry Glider Shampoo        
dry glider shampoo

Specially formulated for your sugar gliders supple skin and lustrous coat easily removes dirt and organic matter. Detergent free and contains no alcohol.

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Glider Glo          
glider glo

A coat and skin spray conditioner made just for sugar gliders with a cherry fragrance. Glider Glo will eliminate the musk-gland scent and odors of organic nature. Can also be sprayed on the cage to control odors.

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Add elimina to their water and your sugar gliders waste will be nearly odorless in 3 days! Tested and approved by vets and breeders nationwide.

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Heating Pad          
heating pad

First developed for use with small animals. Low body temps present a great risk to sugar gliders (especially babies). The pad is near paper thin and made of plastic. Just slide under your gliders cage or inside the cage in a sock. The pad is small enough that if your sugar glider gets too warm, it can simply move to another section of cage.

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Heating Pad with Pouch Cover        
heating pad with pouch cover

This 10 inch round warming pocket gives your glider a warm pocket whenever they want a soft warm pouch. This heating pad has an extra soft washable cloth cover. Lighted On/Off switch indicator makes it easy to control. Comes in a variety of colors.

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Hedgehog Book new        
hedgehog book

A complete pet owner's manual . Animal lovers looking for an unusual pet will be fascinated by the things this manual reveals about hedgehogs. Barron's books present basic information for new or soon-to-be owners. Advice and instruction covers feeding, housing, health care, training, grooming and much more. It emphasizes pet care basics and is easy for all readers to understand. Soft cover-103 pages-color

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Kage Klean          
kage klean

Great all-purpose cage cleaner. Kage Kleen is hard working-yet safe when cleaning cages, exercise wheels, toys, food dishes, water bottles, etc.

16 oz Spray bottle Item H11K $10.00  Add To Cart
Love Potion        
love potion

Just what you've been looking for. This product helps those of you that are experiencing problems bonding with your sugar glider. You'll notice less crabbing and biting and a calmer demeanor. We use it with hand bonding, when trimming nails, shipping, etc.

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Manna Pro          
manna pro

25 % protein, 20,000 units of vitamin A, and 5,000 units of vitamin D per pound plus other vitamins and minerals for sound nutrition. Very economical. Just add 5-10 % to their daily diet.

8 oz. tub Item T29 $6.00 Add To Cart 

Powerful, safe and natural NZ technology breaks apart odor molecules on contact. Food Grade 100 % readily biodegradable. Instantly removes odors-not a cover up. Safe to spray directly on pets. Also removes stains. Veterinarian recommended. Comes in a 14 oz spray bottle.

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Sprinkles new item        
sprinkles for sugar gliders

This is a high protein high energy top-dressing for your critter. Sprinkles are a powder form of whole dried chicken, egg, honey, and sweet potato flour. They are great for that extra boost and for palatability issues.

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Sugar Glider Book          

Sugar Glider Book by Todd Bacon - This book was the first ever written about sugar gliders. Take the time to educate yourself on Sugar Gliders. They deserve the best care available, so take time to find out about them before you purchase them. Education is the first step which you are about to embark upon as you get ready to lose your heart to the sugar glider!!!!

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Sugar Glider Book by Barron's new        

This profusely illustrated manual gives vital information and advice on feeding, caging maintaining a proper environment, health care, and breeding. Paperback/95 pages 6 .” x 7 7/8”

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Sugar Gliders Scents          

Keep your sugar glider or other small pet smelling fresh and clean with one of these pleasant long lasting scents. They help destroy musk gland and other odors, moisturizes their skin, and will leave their coats soft and silky, along with a beautiful sheen. Mist lightly, avoiding face (eyes) and genital areas. Pick your favorite scents. Comes in a small spray bottle that you can keep with you.

Baby Powder H1A $6.00 Add To Cart 
Cherry H1B $6.00 Add To Cart 
Pina Colada H1C $6.00 Add To Cart 
Raspberry H1D $6.00 Add To Cart 
All 4 Scents H1E $20.00 Add To Cart 

All natural liquid feed supplement for all pets. VitaGlow gives pets a healthy, shiny coat from the inside out. This apple flavored supplement is proven to remedy skin conditions, lethargy, and immune deficiency. Each drop contains naturally occurring vitamin E, B12, lecithin, biotin, and flaxseed oil-all in their rawest form to increase the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the daily diet and improve overall health. This product is especially important for pets that are under stress, growing, lactating, underweight, living in dry climate, or animals that don’t seem to have the vigor they once had. Just 1-2 sprays every other day.

Spray bottle Item T147 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Wound Care Lotion        
wound care lotion

Provides instant relief for minor cuts or abrasions and will not burn. Moisturizes dry skin as well.

8 fl. oz. bottle Item H10 $12.00 Add To Cart

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