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Captive animals need accessories to provide entertainment while in their cage. It's important for mental and physical help to have an array of stimulating toys available at all times. Add 2 to 3 accessories (toys) to your pet's cage and change them out regularly for continued stimulation. Always supervise pets at play. Thoroughly inspect all toys and accessories wipe clean with damp soft cloth as needed before returning to the cage. Remove any toys that oppose a threat to the pet's safety.

Bamboo Blocks new toy
bamboo blocks

This natural foraging toy has two spate foraging holes for treats like dried veggies & fruits, yogurt drops and insects. The bamboo blocks clatter and slide to reveal treats and encourages foraging activity. We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started. Approximately 12" with chain X 3" wide.

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Premium pet bedding from safe, clean cellulose fiber. It's free of inks, dyes, clay and other chemical contaminates. It does not contain aromatic oils that exist in pine and cedar shavings. Tested for harmful contaminates and is sanitized to 380 degrees F. Ultra long odor control, absorbent, soft, clean and long lasting.

Bag Item CA1A $12.00 Add To Cart 
CoCo Cuttle          

This toy offers your pet an intriguing design with chewable calcium-rich cuttle bone. It will grab your pet's attention and encourage exploration, play and foraging habits. Made primarily of natural coconut, cuttle bone, and animal-safe hardware that connects easily to cage with one quick-link attachment (included). Approximately 13" hanging, 51/2" tall, 6" across

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Coconut Cup Perch          
coconut cup perch

This natural dish brings the feeding are away from the sides of the cage to help prevent a mess on your floor. A coconut half creates a natural food dish while the long wood branch provides a sturdy perch. Attaches to the side of any wire cage (hardware included) for a strong and sturdy hold for small animals. Approximately 12" long perch X 5" diameter cup.

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Coconut Hut new toy        
coconut hut

This safe and cozy hideout space attaches directly onto the cage with hardware (included). Let the ladder dangle for more entertainment. We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started. Approximately 8 ½" X 6"

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Coconut Nest new toy        
coconut nest toy

This toy offers your pet a fun outlet for rest or play. It provides a private hideaway while encouraging pets to forge and burrow in the natural coconut fiber. It is primarily comprised of natural coconut. Coconut fiber and animal-safe hardware which connects easily to cage with one quick-link attachment (included). We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started Approximately 11"tall x 5" wide x 5" deep

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Coconut Stacker          

Offers your pets enriching experience and opportunities to climb, forage, and chew!! It has natural coconut exterior with natural wood blocks on the interior and sturdy animal-sage hardware to hang. Chewable wood blocks on the coconut interiors are colored with animal-safe food coloring. This toy provides mind stretching platy that help keep pets happy & healthy. We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started. Approximately 11" X 5"

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Corn Hammock new toy        

Perfect 2-n-1 accessory for not only play, but also relaxation. Watch as your pet climbs up and down the rugged rope with colorful beads that the hammock hangs from and play with the shiny pacifiers. Your pet can swing around in the hammock or simply rest on its comfortable surface. It’s made with braided corn husk, rope, wood, strong metal hardware, and other 100% safe, non-toxic materials. 11” tall x 7” diameter

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Edible Activity Log        

A 100 % edible hideaway for your glider. Unique 3 in 1 log provides a fun hideaway, great tasting treat and promotes the natural chewing instinct. With its natural wood look and design it's sure to add a little more enjoyment and stimulation on a daily basis to your glider's cage.

Small Log Item CA3 $10.00 Add To Cart
Large Log Item CA3A $15.00 Add To Cart
Edible Snack Shack Hut        

This 100% edible hut gives your suggie a cute little getaway spot. Looks like a mini tiki hut that gliders love to go in and out of.

Small Hut Item CA4 $15.00 Add To Cart
Large Hut Item CA4A $25.00 Add To Cart
Edible Stuffed Log        
edible stuffed log treat

100% edible log is stuffed with small animals favorite ingredients, the ultimate treat and chew for small animals. Made with golden honey and alfalfa, the realistic wooden log has a hard texture that promotes your pets natural chewing instinct and stimulates your gliders curiosity for hours of fun.

Small Stuffed Log Item CA5 $8.00 Add To Cart 
Large Stuffed Log Item CA5A $15.00 Add To Cart 
Forage Cup with Beads new toy        

This is a great enrichment toy for your pets. The lid covering the cup has holes for your pet to see and smell the tantalizing food/treat you put inside. Along with colorful, shiny beads that turn along with chain and dangle from above and below the cup, this toy intrigues them to find a way to open it and is sure to stimulate your pets mind. We have included foraging treats to get you started. 9.5” tall x 3” wide (with chain)

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Forage Wheel new toy        

This interactive toy lets your pet move the rotating dispenser (dial a treat) to make food & treats available. Just place small pieces of dried fruit, insects, or any other special treat inside the wheel shaped dispenser. Easily attaches to the side or top of your cage with heavy-duty metal chain and clip. Simply insert food/treats into the dispensing hole. We have included foraging treats to get you started. Approx. 4” diameter x 1.5” deep

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Fruit & Veggie Basket        

The perfect foraging container for your pet comes filled with non-toxic, multi-colored fun crinkle-cut paper, use as is for nesting material and enrichment. Fill basket with fresh dried treats. Encourage your pet to work for their food & treats by filling this basket with their favorite dried foods and hanging it in a different place each time with the heavy-duty clip (included). Its chew proof construction makes it sanitary solution to prevent soiled veggies, fruits, hay or other goodies. Features a door which opens to place food inside, and cut bell attached to the bottom. 5” tall (9” including chain) x 3” wide

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Hanging Treat Dispenser        
sugar glider hanging treat dispenser

The perfect activity toy for your curious pet. Attaches to the top of wire cage (hard ware included) and encourages pet's natural foraging instincts by dispensing treats through the vertical slit and hole at the bottom. The base catches food and prevents it from falling onto the cage floor. We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started. Approximately 4" tall (9 "tall including chain) X 4.5"

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Hide & Seek Toy          
hide and seek toy

This bright interactive toy hangs from the top of the cage (hardware provided) and allows pets to grab, push or swing it to activate the ringing bell. Best of all the top of the ball opens up to reveal a special secret prize (treat). Reload with your own treats (yogurt drops, mealworms, etc). We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started. You hide and they will seek. Approximately 10" tall X 3" wide

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The coolest hide-out for your glider. They're made of colorful, durable, odor and stain resistant, translucent plastic. Igloos one piece design is easy to use and has fresh air vents to ensure your gliders health and well-being. We place our igloos over the gliders heating pad to provide them a warm cozy place to cuddle up. Easy to clean and available in several colors and sizes.
Itty Bitty Igloo makes a "cool" hide out for dwarf hamsters, mice and baby sugar gliders. 4" long, 4.5" wide, and 3" high.

Small Igloo (Itty Bitty) Item CA7 $5.00 Add To Cart

Mini Igloos are the perfect get away for gliders, hamsters, rats and other little critters. 7.75" long, 6" wide, 4.5" high

Medium Igloo (Mini) Item CA7A $10.00 Add To Cart

Large Igloos are a favorite place for chinchillas, ferrets, bunnies and guinea pigs 10.5" long , 12" wide, 6.25" high

Large Igloo Item CA7B $15.00 Add To Cart
Jingle Bell Swing          
jungle bell swing

This bright colorful swing attaches to the roof of cage with hook provided. Just hang it and your pet will start swinging and playing with the bells. 10.5" tall including chain

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Jungle Gym          

This enrichment toy will give your glider, marmoset, and other small pet a great workout. A fun ring hangs from one of the bottom posts to be moved back and forth while eight wooden “beads” slide up and down the top ropes for extra enrichment! Hangs from the top of any wire cage with the heavy-duty clop and watch your pet explore the colorful shapes, textures, and patterns of this natural cage accessory. 15”tall x 7” wide

  Item T156 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Manzanita Branch          

Branches provide a natural environment as well as an attractive appearance to any cage. They are beautiful and made of animal-safe wood for long lasting wear. Easily attaches to the side of cage with hardware provided. Sugar gliders, Birds and primates enjoy jumping and climbing. These branches help encourage these natural behaviors found in the wild, helping keep them physically and mentally healthy. Sizes may vary from 12"-14". Branch thickness and shape will vary slightly as this is a natural product.

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Mobile Forager          
mobile sugar glider forager

The coolest, craziest toy to keep your pet active and entertained! Four foraging treat cups with multicolored covers rotates on a PVC pipe mobile which hangs from the roof of any cage (hardware included). We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started. Approximately 12" tall (including chain) X 7" wide

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Monkey Mouth Feeder        
monkey mouth feeder toy

This adorable monkey head made out of a coconut has mouth full of foraging toys that critters love to play with. You can reload with your critters favorite treats. Hangs on a chain that is easily attaches to the top of their cage. We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started.

  Item T19 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Natural Forked Branch        
natural forked branch

This wood climbing perch is made of real aged pine. It attaches to the side of any wire cage (hardware included) to provide a place for your pet to perch, swing, or climb on. These sturdy branches are suitable for many smart animals. Approximately 9"-10" long X 1"1 ½" width

  Item T12 $12.00 Add To Cart 
Natural Ropes          
natural ropes

These ropes offer pets endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. They provide enrichment while keeping your pet engages with it's wire core, allowing you to bend the rope into different shapes. Primarily made of jute material and animal-safe hardware. Connects easily to wire cage bares with plastic end caps on each side.

Small 47" long overall, .75 rope thickness Item T16S $15.00 Add To Cart 
Large 54" long overall 1" rope thickness Item T16 $20.00 Add To Cart 
PVC Forager          
PVC forager for sugar gliders

This fun and interactive toy has ample space for treats like yogurt drops, insects, and dried fruits. Both sides of the PVC pipe have colorful lids that flip up to reveal treats and encourage foraging activity. We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started. Approximately 8" tall (including chain) X 5" wide.

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Rainbow Ladder          

This fun climbing ladder offers your pet a rugged and textured landscape to walk, climb, or hang on. It promotes hours of physical play that is sure to keep your pet happy and healthy. This toy is primarily comprised of animal-safe wood and hardware, colored with animal-safe food coloring. It connects easily to cage with four quick-link attachments (included). Approximately 17" long x 3" across

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Rolling Forager new toy        

This treat dispensing toy offers stimulations plus promotes healthy activity. Designed to accommodate their natural behaviors to instinctively look, push, and forage for food. Transparent cylinder allows your pet to see the food inside easily, attracting them to the toy and tantalizing them to push and play until food escapes from the three holes. The colorful ring slides back and forth along the cylinder, covering the holes to increase difficulty along with elevating the dispenser and making it tip left to right. Load with your pet’s favorite dried treats. We have included foraging treats to get you started. 6” long x 1” wide 1/3” opening

  Item T152 $8.00 Add To Cart 
Safari Tunnel          
safari tunnel

This 36" long tunnel is perfect for hiding and seeking. The mesh panel provides peek-a-boo play time for your marmoset, glider or other small pet. The fun jungle design will make your pet feel like the king of the jungle.

11"x11"x36" Item W13 $18.00 Add To Cart 
Sandy Branches          

sandy branches

sandy branches

These branches are the perfect way to provide your glider with a post to rest, swing or climb from while helping to keep their nails safely filed down through the soft, sand abrasive material. Attaches to the side of any wire cage (hardware included) Colors vary.

Straight 10"long x 1.0-1.5" Item T15 $15.00  Add To Cart
Forked 8" long x .5-1" thick Item T15F $15.00 Add To Cart 
Star Forage Cup          
forage cup for sugar gliders

This is the perfect addition to any small cage. Single Clear cup hangs from roof of wire cage (hardware included) and can hold dried fruits and veggies, yogurt drops, insects or any other treat while the colorful star on top helps encourage foraging activities. We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started. Approximately 1.75 tall (6"tall including chain X 3.5")

  Item T05 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Tiki Bar Toy new toy        
tiki bar toy

This hanging tiki bar encourages your pet to search and find their favorite treat. Hide some banana chips, yogurt drops, or any other small treat in the coconut bowl and just watch your little guy seek and find. Comes with samples of foraging treats. Approximately 18" tall including rope X 5.5" wide

  Item T21 $20.00 Add To Cart 

This toy provides Three different interactive hoops that offer your pet a fun, acrobatic experience. It is primarily made of American grown cotton rope; blocks are colored with animal safe food coloring and animal safe hardware. Connects easily to cage with one quick-link attachment(included) Approximately 14 ½ inches long overall, 5 ½ diameter circles, ½ " rope thickness

  Item T11 $10.00 Add To Cart 
Triple Treat Forager          
triple treat forager

It's three times the fun as most foraging toys. Three clear cups hang from the rood of any wire cage (hardware included) and can hold insects, dried fruits, yogurt drops or any other treat while the colorful lids on top help encourage forging activities. Ringing bell is attached at bottom for audible fun! We include samples of treats to get you and your friend started. Approximately 20" tall (chain included) X 3" wide.

  Item T03 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Triple Treat Tower          

This foraging tower is 3 times the fun of other foraging toys. Hang this tower from roof or side of cage with the hardware included. The see through sides will tantalizes your pet and encourage them to search for the openings to retrieve treats. To expand foraging activities the openings are all on opposite sides of the tower. We have included foraging treats to get you started. 6.5” tall (11.5 tall with chain) x 3” wide

  Item T157 $20.00 Add To Cart 
Water Bottles          
water bottle

Help your glider stay healthy by providing clean water at all times. This bottle attaches with spring to any wire cage. Its spring loaded and drip resistant sipper tube. The floating duck is a friendly reminder to refill.

4 oz Item WB4 $5.00 Add To Cart 
8 oz Item WB8 $8.00 Add To Cart 
16 oz Item WB16 $12.00 Add To Cart 

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